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U. Bezeljak, H. Loya, B.M. Kaczmarek, T.E. Saunders, M. Loose,
Stochastic activation and bistability in a Rab GTPase regulatory network.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (2020) 6504–6549.View

Baranova NS, Radler P, Hernández-Rocamora VM, Alfonso C, Lopez Pelegrin MD, Rivas G, Vollmer W, Loose M. 2020.
Diffusion and capture permits dynamic coupling between treadmilling FtsZ filaments and cell division proteins.
Nature Microbiology.  View

Dos Santos Caldas PR, Lopez Pelegrin MD, Pearce DJG, Budanur NB, Brugués J, Loose M. 2019.
Cooperative ordering of treadmilling filaments in cytoskeletal networks of FtsZ and its crosslinker ZapA.
Nature Communications. 10, 5744.  View

Dick RA, Xu C, Morado DR, Kravchuk V, Ricana CL, Lyddon TD, Broad AM, Feathers JR, Johnson MC, Vogt VM, Perilla JR, Briggs JAG, Schur FK. 2020.
Structures of immature EIAV Gag lattices reveal a conserved role for IP6 in lentivirus assembly.
PLOS Pathogens. 16(1), e1008277.  View

Schur FK. 2019.
Toward high-resolution in situ structural biology with cryo-electron tomography and subtomogram averaging.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology. 58(10), 1–9.  View

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Structure and architecture of immature and mature murine leukemia virus capsids.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 115(50), E11751–E11760.  View

Dick R, Zadrozny KK, Xu C, Schur F, Lyddon TD, Ricana CL, Wagner JM, Perilla JR, Ganser PBK, Johnson MC, Pornillos O, Vogt V. 2018.
Inositol phosphates are assembly co-factors for HIV-1.
Nature. 560(7719), 509–512.  View

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Structures of respiratory supercomplex I+III2 reveal functional and conformational crosstalk.
Molecular Cell. 75(6), 1131–1146.e6.  View

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Structure and mechanism of mitochondrial proton-translocating transhydrogenase.
Nature. 573(7773), 291–295.  View

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Structure and conformational plasticity of the intact Thermus thermophilus V/A-type ATPase.
Science. 365(6455), eaaw9144.  View

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Structure of a transcribing RNA polymerase II-DSIF complex reveals a multidentate DNA-RNA clamp.
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 24(10), 809–815. View

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Structural basis of RNA polymerase I transcription initiation.
Cell. 169(1), 120–131.e22.  View

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Architecture of the RNA polymerase II-Paf1C-TFIIS transcription elongation complex.
Nature Communications. 8, 15741.  View

Bernecky C, Herzog F, Baumeister W, Plitzko J, Cramer P. 2016.
Structure of transcribing mammalian RNA polymerase II.
Nature. 529(7587), 551–554.  View