The Lab Science Facility at IST Austria has a Protein service unit that hosts a variety of equipment useful for biochemical research, including six Äkta FPLC systems and a SEC-MALLS, Mass Photometry as well as Mass Spectrometry Services. Our research is also supported by the Protein

The protein

IST Austria  cryo-EM facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, including 

  • a 300 kV Thermo Scientific Titan Krios TEM (including a Volta phase plate, a post-GIF Gatan K3 and a Falcon 3)
  • a 200 kV Thermo Scientific Glacios TEM (including a Volta phase plate and Falcon 3)
  • a Thermo Scientific Aquilos cryo-FIBSEM
  • Leica cryo-CLEM setup

The BioImaging Facility owns state-of the art fluorescence microscopy including three TIRF microscopes, two Spinning Disks, one Light Sheet and Atomic Force Microscope as well as twelve Laser Scanning microscopes. The BIF also offers advanced user trainings, assay development, image analysis and provide project based solutions for optical development.